bold step

I have taken a bold blogger step, and told two friends the name of my blog. As one put to me so succinctly,  why are you doing this and not letting anyone know?  Well it’s a new thing,  I might not want to continue, there might not be much to say.  Why would want a blog anyway, why not articles, short stories or just write a diary?  It seems the chance to share ideas when one half of the globe is in darkness and I am not sleeping is a great comfort.

I have been a member of a grandparents grief web based post site since January 06.  It was amazing to write for the first time and press send and the next night receive a stream of posts saying,’ sorry to welcome you to our club, come any time, write what ever you need,’ and on it went.  I wrote back and then this became my 3 am support group scattered cross the globe.   That has been my experience of the web, and you could say it has taken a while, but, I have realised how this internet communication can add another personal dimension to my life.

So this blog, red presence, came out of watching my friends glaze over as I ponder the bush-fires past and present. Now a safer city dweller after thirty years in a fire zone  and currently working in the second most fire prone area in the state.  My family and many friends are  living in what is considered one of  the most fire prone areas, so  it’s not surprising to me that I am fire obsessed.  So rather than offend friends, who have permission to say “enough fire ” as  my signal to shut up, I run and blog and google.    I am finding the interim report of the Royal Commission into the Victorian Bush-fires  a great read, almost a detective mystery, so complex and  moving, and a sense of  sadness pervading each page.  There are maps, past history’s of some fires  and great links to research and other experts.      It gives a deeper picture of some of the many aspects of the fires.


2 Responses to bold step

  1. solidgoldcreativity says:

    Hi Red Presence, I also find the interim report like a detective mystery and so complex and moving. So many things went wrong that day it’s hard to believe they could all come together. SGx

  2. It is scary telling people about your blog I find. I still get scared even after 15 months or so. SGx

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