children’s toy choices in evacuating

The start has been made – the five year old has pulled out toy clothing,  amazing to see some belonged to her  mother.  They were made for  the teddy bear’s back pack as he or she accompanied us on  the world trip when she was nine . What a good dressmaker I found 25 years ago.     I have bought a plastic box as a way of creating a structure although I know the huge stuffed polar bear won’t fit.  I got a poor reponse when I suggested he go in a nice plastic bag in a store room under the city house .  He was taken from me and hugged  tightly.

Will I have a room filled with big cuddly soft toys this summer ?  I had a plan to box, label and pack everyone’s belongings into sturdy plastic this year and stack according to importance.  There was a lot of rumaging to find different files last year.  There is also the plan to scan everything onto a computer  memory stick so that would ease the storage problem.

Tomorrow is test pack day.  The plan may be met with enthusiasm or it might be doomed, as five year olds live in the present with creative ideas and alternatives to the adult suggestions.

The number one thing for children is to give them some control, make decisions, and include them in the plan.  Catching the cats will be interesting, and she could do that ,as hopefully before Christmas all the children’s precious items will be off the mountain in my storage, what ever that happpens to be.






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