Reflections on Our Lady Of Recovery

Reflections with our Lady of Recovery

Our Lady of Recovery  – Redesdale

Exceptional people do exceptional works and here is an art work imbued with so much love and care that I want to share it with the wider community.  Ivan Morozoff  created an Icon for the Redesdale and surrounding communities affected by the fire on 7th in 2009.

Our Lady of Recovery was presented to the Redesdale Community on Febuary 7th 2010 at the 5pm Anniversary Service at St Laurences Church in Redesdale.

It was standing room only, by the time all manner of people, children and pets crowded in, to witness the blessing, listen to the children sing, and afterwards talk and eat in the Redesdale Hall.

My photo was taken in haste, amidst crowds, and do not do the art work justice.   It does include the church and people, as though they are becoming part of the art, as the children’s painting are part of the whole.   The children each did a drawing and they surround the main picture, adding piquancy  and optimism.

I have a card with the Icon at home and each time I see it I want to share it and let others know of this work .

” When you look upon this Icon give thanks for our Community and its people :

Give thanks for the children who are its future.

Remember to pray for all those recovering from the Feb. 7th fires:

Remember with love all people and help when you can.”

Reference for text – 2 Corinthians 1 :3-4 “Written by Ivan Morozoff (the artist) with the thanksiving tokens by the primary school children of Redesdale, Mia Mai and Barfold .”

The anniversary gift of thanksgiving honours the Fire brigade members of Redesdale and other places and also the volunteers and helpers of our Community who assissted during the fires of Feb 7th 2009.


4 Responses to Reflections on Our Lady Of Recovery

  1. This is a beautiful image, Neri. And the words are very moving. Thank you for sharing it. SG x

  2. Also, did you see the story in The Age, I think it was two weeks ago, about the man and his wife and the two little children, and how they escaped their burning house at the last minute and wedged themselves between their water tanks with a baby blanket over them.

    The journalist commented how one of the images the man had captured on his video camera looked exactly like a picture of a madonna and child. In the picture the wife looks directly into the camera with the blanket over her head, and the two children in her arms.

    • redpresence says:

      I did see that story and thought it amazing. What a description of the process both physical and mental that happens in a fire. I do aim to collect the all stories in the Age. I also am building up a fire behaviour file too

  3. What a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing it here.

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