“Love of Life” from U.K.Le Guin

I am a Tai Chi student learning basic form and Sword. I followed the Te Ching using yarrow sticks and coins in the past, so imagine my delight on sorting one of my boxes of books recently and  discovering a new copy of LAO TZU Tao Te Ching  A book about the Way and the Power of the Way  A New English Version by Ursula K Le Guin, one of my all time favourite writers.  I quote from p.65.

” ‘Love of life’

To look for life

is to find death.

The thirteen organs of our living

are the thirteen organs of our dying.

Why are the organs of our life

where death enters us?

Because we hold too hard to living.

So I’ve heard

if you live in the right way,

when you cross country

you needn’t fear to meet a mad bull or a tiger;

when you are in battle

you needn’t fear the weapons.

The bull would find nowhere to jab its horns,

the tiger nowhere to stick its claws,

the sword nowhere for its point to go.

Why?   Because there’s nowhere in you

for death to enter.”


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