The Rock Cave

An article in The Age today by Louisa Deasey put into words the double life I lead.  Part of the week I am an ordinary person going out for coffee, doing the washing, attending sustainability events, involved in my own world. The other part of the week, I am involved with people whose lives have been changed, blown apart by fire. I want to say something much more ferocious and strong, to give honour to how the people I know and met are continuing to breathe, to  get up, walk, to attend meetings to help make sense of the loss in the community, grieving what has gone, lovers, family, friends, animals, possessions and more – the sense of security, of the natural order of life, the ongoingness now shaken to the core.

I am writing this today because I visited a sculpture park and saw an unnatural order of stones. If I could draw here I would ( it is not on google). Built  into the side of a small hill was a dry stone wall with a cave in the centre.  There was a solid reddish round rock  inside. The cave entrance was smaller than the cave interior, not uncommon, but the rock inside was bigger than than the opening.

The solidness of the rock and the delicateness of the stone linning of the cave created a contrast, but my unease came from seeing the rock trapped inside. It could not be rolled away. It is trapped. There was an intensity about the wall, the cave.  No one could be saved.   A little further on we came to a an oval spiral shape freestanding made of thin slabs and slices of rock thin at the base widening out and then narrowing at the top. I think of it as a pine cone or egg and just lay eagle stretched out feeling the warmth, a secure feeling.   I found this shape in many places around the world when I googled the artist – you tube Rivers and Tides the artist Andy Goldsworthy specialises in the natural and the transitory.


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