March 19, 2010

Isn’t it fun when there’s an action and it is so easy YET the first commitment to doing something was seven years ago and you actually finally do it ?  Today is one of those final days.   I went to the police station and signed a statutary declaration to say,   ‘I ‘red presence’ of ..address… do solemnly and sincerely declare : that I have changed my sir-name  from   ‘red presence’ to xxx  Declared the 19th of April 2010.’  I showed my wrongly named driving licence.  The paper was signed and stamped. No charge. Out we went, me and my companion on this simple action,a curly haired two year old.  It  feels monumental, life changing, an expedient day to do it, no reason i could see that made it today, not the  day when I was so enthused seven years ago.

Then to the bank, that took some driving around to find my brand.  Yesterday phone banking informed me this could not be done on the phone. I had to front up in person with hard copy of a paper, what they weren’t sure, just some thing legal to prove I changed my name.  It took a while as the name the bank had listed was four names  and I only  gave  my christian name and sir-name. I signed a paper, copies of the Statutory Declaration taken, the original handed back.

Nothing happened. I drove,  the toddler fell asleep.  So I am acknowledging here this simple step representing a simplification of my life.  Jettisoning a thirteen letter name for one with eight letters, removing the majority of the ex’s name, being able to fit my new name on forms, in squares, on dots  and lines.  I’ll be changing the blog name next, possibly in four years time when I am well know, have thousands of hits, and have actually mastered the art of writing regularly.  I can see the improvement in the writing


who am I?

March 14, 2010

A profound question shared with a Landmark graduate created a new space in my thinking that was previously hidden.  Try it for yourself and watch the journey as you let every idea and thought come without  the inner census at work.

Who is it I never get to be ? Take an issue you feel has not been working in the best way possible and you are beating up about it on yourself, with friends, blaming, being wrong and making others wrong.  My issue is study.    So I am dumb, angry, and a failure.  I never get to be brilliant, capable, intelligent, a valuable contributor in the classroom, the brightest person I can be.     I looked at what I was already doing now, what I have and who I am being, and saw my actions related back to study and irresponsible coaching when I was fourteen and  how  I  made  the best choices I could and shut down in many ways to get thro  the exams.

So today I am almost weightless, the unseen past burden peeled off,  as it took a intelligent, capable person to manage the pressure at fourteen and come out the other side finish school and go to uni.   Tomorrow I get to be all that is possible, living into the new day rather than dragging the past with me and seeing the future through the experience of the past.

I’d like to  thank to my graduate friend and say do the ‘Landmark Forum.’  It will open up new horizons and add to what you already know and understand. .

Chrissy lights

March 6, 2010

I decided to open a ‘queued spam’ not knowing where that would take me.  It took me to WAL – Mart store info site and the article ‘Christmas lights – Delicious lead lights a danger to children’- the summary is basically parents should educate the children not to put lights in their mouth, these lights do not fall under the lead guidelines for toys and other household goods.  The lead limit in articles for children is 15 micrograms.  Walmart results were 86.5 mgto 132 mg for surface lead.   What an unusual link to my piece on fireproofing a gingerbread house !

The recommendations are:

Only adults should handle the lights.

Wear gloves.

Lights should be hung out of children’s reach

Follow instructions on the box


If Walmart lights are like K-Mart lights (basically the same conglomerate company) at least 2 adults and several children need to deal with the ritual of getting the Christmas lights up.   It  is a four step process,   1. Finding the box. 2.  Untangling,  finding the end.   3.  Missing bulbs trying to find the odd one.   4.  Give up.  Buy new set.    5.  Follow previous recommendations. 6.  Consider solar.

What will I do?  Well, I love candles, with their high risk, loss of decorations and much scrapping of wax off the floor.  The biggest benefit of candles on a tree is it requires staying with the tree, as leaving the room is is tempting  a major fire catastrophe.   So the candle lighting  becomes a special time of focus and quiet, doing christmas tasks in the presence of the lit tree.