who am I?

A profound question shared with a Landmark graduate created a new space in my thinking that was previously hidden.  Try it for yourself and watch the journey as you let every idea and thought come without  the inner census at work.

Who is it I never get to be ? Take an issue you feel has not been working in the best way possible and you are beating up about it on yourself, with friends, blaming, being wrong and making others wrong.  My issue is study.    So I am dumb, angry, and a failure.  I never get to be brilliant, capable, intelligent, a valuable contributor in the classroom, the brightest person I can be.     I looked at what I was already doing now, what I have and who I am being, and saw my actions related back to study and irresponsible coaching when I was fourteen and  how  I  made  the best choices I could and shut down in many ways to get thro  the exams.

So today I am almost weightless, the unseen past burden peeled off,  as it took a intelligent, capable person to manage the pressure at fourteen and come out the other side finish school and go to uni.   Tomorrow I get to be all that is possible, living into the new day rather than dragging the past with me and seeing the future through the experience of the past.

I’d like to  thank to my graduate friend and say do the ‘Landmark Forum.’  It will open up new horizons and add to what you already know and understand. .


One Response to who am I?

  1. Hi Red Presence. I’ve been thinking of you today and our conversation. Thank you for sharing with me. I acknowledge your courage and determination and capability. You are an amazing person and it’s a joy to be your friend. SG xx

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