Isn’t it fun when there’s an action and it is so easy YET the first commitment to doing something was seven years ago and you actually finally do it ?  Today is one of those final days.   I went to the police station and signed a statutary declaration to say,   ‘I ‘red presence’ of ..address… do solemnly and sincerely declare : that I have changed my sir-name  from   ‘red presence’ to xxx  Declared the 19th of April 2010.’  I showed my wrongly named driving licence.  The paper was signed and stamped. No charge. Out we went, me and my companion on this simple action,a curly haired two year old.  It  feels monumental, life changing, an expedient day to do it, no reason i could see that made it today, not the  day when I was so enthused seven years ago.

Then to the bank, that took some driving around to find my brand.  Yesterday phone banking informed me this could not be done on the phone. I had to front up in person with hard copy of a paper, what they weren’t sure, just some thing legal to prove I changed my name.  It took a while as the name the bank had listed was four names  and I only  gave  my christian name and sir-name. I signed a paper, copies of the Statutory Declaration taken, the original handed back.

Nothing happened. I drove,  the toddler fell asleep.  So I am acknowledging here this simple step representing a simplification of my life.  Jettisoning a thirteen letter name for one with eight letters, removing the majority of the ex’s name, being able to fit my new name on forms, in squares, on dots  and lines.  I’ll be changing the blog name next, possibly in four years time when I am well know, have thousands of hits, and have actually mastered the art of writing regularly.  I can see the improvement in the writing


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