Good on you Bernard Teague

may 26th you have spoken.

It is a Psychological marathon you have undertaken, a warm up with the experts, the traumatic testing heartbreaking long haul with police evidence, and now to the summit, lack of oxygen (it’s leaked out), an ice storm (hard to move), soft new snow ( hiding pitfalls), the narrow final ridge (one step, one breath), no visibility (so much information),   just a bit further to get to the summit you and your two colleagues stay close, weight your collective evidence.   You are alone, with a solid nameless core watching cheering you and the team on.   Don’t  look down, there’s a 360 view from the top that you can describe to us.

One thing the leaks, a determined lawyer,  some public, often not affected by fire and little knowledge of the process, do not understand, is the powerful learning in mistakes.  Will we get knowledgeable good hearted people to take  these  key positions relating to emergency management and fire protection in the future.  It’s a rhetorical question with a hoped for answer.


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