Role of baking in trauma

July 20, 2010

There is an amazing woman who baked every Sunday before the Royal Commission hearings into the Black Saturday deaths.  The most delectable melting tastes were filled with her  love  and care for the families attending the police evidence sessions.  Perfectly presented and continually restocked throughout the day.  She gave me the latest version of the cookbook she  used so I started baking. Now I continue the tradition and take biscuits, slices or macaroons  to the communities and families I visit.

I am going to make every biscuit slice and marcaroon in this book. I estimate it will take 2 or more years depending on whether I can keep up the commitment of one recipe per week,   the theme copied from ‘Julia and Julia’.

It didn’t help to misread 75 gm of butter for 250  instead of the 250 for  chocolate.  At least I have cooked enough to know the texture was far too runny for a base so I added more flour. It cooked  although the topping was short on chocolate, was amazingly delicious.

I have been falling behind in the cooking so recommit to a cookie this week.