just write it

Two months since the last post and not for the lack of ideas. Each week I missed, it got harder to write, even though I replied to other bloggers via email and collected articles and sat down and opened up the page. Today I saw 15 hits earlier in Oct. and that stimulated a new start along the lines of, use it or lose it a theme in William Dioge’s book on ‘The  brain that changes itself” written in 2007 and pulling together research showing the brain’s ability to retrain, take over , rejig and remaster parts of itself.  The scientists are so creative and inventive in their ability to deduce and experiment to find answers.    So my quest to be a blogger, improve my writing communicate, and be out there was about to be lost and now is found – back to the weekly commitment.  I am also inspired by my friend on solidgoldcreativity blog who had a piece published commited to write 3 x a week and has a job writing as of last week.


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