build an idea

November 16, 2010

it takes an idea to get something going and if I think too far a head I will lose heart and not do it. I want to  build a sustainable house, a bushfire safe house or even better several houses.  A dream since I was in my twenties and never taken action so going to a weekend seminar series on property I listened to a young developer talk and  she inspired me to begin.  The weekend was an introduction to a variety of subjects relating to property and generating a business and an income stream and was free.  It was fun, informative and dynamic.  I found my knowledge was reinforced I know quite a bit about property buying.

Go check it out.





Choosing procrastination

November 2, 2010

Procrastinating or is it better to name it “loss of integrity”? Catherine Deveny wrote a column in the Age some time ago headed “Put off that procrastinating, pick up that pen and write; or go do the shopping.” She says ‘perfection is the enemy of Getting Something Done.’  It is not only perfection, it is what else is found, confronted, and  discovered.  That means choice, a decision, and the biggest thing, a step into the unknown,facing something unexpected within ones self. It is too easy to name it ‘fear’, yet it is more subtle. A sense of having to stand up for a right,  a principle, or even for ourselves and what we believe and value.  How often do I not do what I will say I will do?  To the outside world I present as a person of integrity as I met the demands, turn up at work do the job, manage the responsibilities I have, but do I do more than expected?  A confronting idea is how I tell myself what I will do, and then leave it till the last second or so to met the self-imposed time-line . A lack of integrity impacts on others but today, it is impacting on me. I treat myself with less respect than other people. The lack of integrity  is in my world and impacts my life more any one else.

A Landmark coach reminded me integrity is honoring my word, doing what I said I would, when I said I would, do more than others expect me to do, complete what I said I would do and do it as it is meant to be done.      Accepting that there is a lack of integrity, inauthenticity and lack of power, opens the possibility for a  new choice and action, a chance to begin with renewed vigour.

There is no date on the above article,I suspect it was written months and months ago.  It is only now I am rereading it and taking it on as a direct coaching for myself.  Thank you Catherine, I shall, “Get 500 words written and then pack the dishwasher.”  make the reward the task that delays the writing the tax or what ever it is in your life needing to done first.  For me the words translate to writing the blog when I feel there is nothing to say. Today I kept my word and did what I said I would – write my blog.