Posting weekly

January 28, 2011

I promised I’d post every week.  I am. I said I’d reply to all the other posts I have read. I have. I’ve included emails and other web postings in that.   There has been some interesting reading, tips on blogging, on writing, on sales skills and negotating.  This process has lead me to face the facts. I prefer to read other people’s writing, respond to them than actually do the work myself.  So my piece gets written late, in a rush, and no clear topic or point to put across. I’ll add another comitment.   DO MY BLOG FIRST and then spend hours reading others, going off in tangents, and generally having web fun.  Here’s  a web photo to inspire you, taken early morning in the Otways Flyover walk.


why I started blogging

January 14, 2011

I started because a good friend (www.solidgoldcreativity) talked about her blog being her commitment to writing,to find like-minded people. I wanted somewhere to write and muse and  understand my involvement with wild bush fire when friends could not listen  anymore. I hoped I would get the writing commitment and in the first few weeks rush of adrenaline I did find words jumping off my finger tips . Then it became a struggle all the mean invisible editors proclaimed it was uninteresting,poor writing,and no one would read it.  The last bit is not true.   A few,  checking the stats (don’t you love doing that !), 29 in the highest day.   So out there clicks are happening. I want to say leave a comment but I realise that I read so many other blogs and don’t comment.  So the commitment is to write once a week and click and say something on every person’s blog I read at the moment I read it !

yes to postaweek in 2011

January 9, 2011

I’m taking up the challenge, a blog a week.  I thought it would be easier than it was to blog every week, although why I chose a Friday night as the writing time, now seem optomistic when blob out is more likely than a new blog.  Once the excitement and initial enthusiasm wore off and my blog mentor became employed, I missed a few weeks then a month and then…that seemed to be the end of the blogging career.Starting up again in the Second Week of the New Year, I do wonder how many bloggers will manage to make it to the 1st of January 2012 having kept their word, amidst life, the journey that happens while you are planning something else, something like what John Lennon said.  I’ll check in and see if I make it.

Stink of Pink

January 5, 2011

It is the New Year 2011 and I am catching up, on one bit of scrap paper was a scribbled ”   – pink is ok punk is better.”  It was inspiring to see the changes and challenges this UK based group is bringing to the sterotyping of young girls and boys by the media and department stores.  For me it brought home the commercialisation of young children’s desires to be like and copy their parents and grandparents in daily activities.   I am questioning myself on whether organic blusher and brush was sensible for a seven year old who for the past 2 years has be asking me to buy her ‘make up that won’t give me itchy bits.’

In the seventies first readers come home from school that had Betty in the apron in the kitchen and John sitting reading the paper after work.  At least both the male and female children were playing with the dog, but that did not stop the reader returning to school with pasted over changed text and illustrations, including what I like to think of as gender neutral, equal, and what then was called ‘role reversal’.  A meeting with the head master,and teacher  did not change the reading program drastically overnight.  It did allow for some of the early feminist writers and their childrens book to come into the school and be read.  It is interesting to note one of the books involved  a small girl fighting dragons and it is being read to the third generation right now.  (Title ……   Author ….to be sourced)

Sometimes I think we have a long way to go and have look at what I have achieved -2 mortgages on four properties today, when my first attempt was met with ‘we don’t lend to women, you can only keep the house if you get your (soon to be ex) husband to allow you to stay on the title.’  He did, but can you imagine my feelings on this issue, when I was the one wanting a house and paying a good share of the mortgage.  That is until I was told if you don’t resign we will fire you. You have to stay home and care for the baby.  It is not your husband’s job.’    The husband wasn’t working and wanted to care for the baby, I was interested in working. The mortgage had to be paid and good jobs for women were opening up.