why I started blogging

I started because a good friend (www.solidgoldcreativity) talked about her blog being her commitment to writing,to find like-minded people. I wanted somewhere to write and muse and  understand my involvement with wild bush fire when friends could not listen  anymore. I hoped I would get the writing commitment and in the first few weeks rush of adrenaline I did find words jumping off my finger tips . Then it became a struggle all the mean invisible editors proclaimed it was uninteresting,poor writing,and no one would read it.  The last bit is not true.   A few,  checking the stats (don’t you love doing that !), 29 in the highest day.   So out there clicks are happening. I want to say leave a comment but I realise that I read so many other blogs and don’t comment.  So the commitment is to write once a week and click and say something on every person’s blog I read at the moment I read it !


6 Responses to why I started blogging

  1. Hi Neri. Thanks for the mention. Love the phrase “words jumping off my finger tips”! Also like the idea of commenting on other peoople’s blogs “at the moment I read it”. I’m going to adopt that commitment too.

  2. Barbara Kass says:

    blog on — write on; give lip service to all those inner critics; visit often, comment often; we are all in this together and I like the idea that someone on the other side of the world reads these words

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