Posting weekly

I promised I’d post every week.  I am. I said I’d reply to all the other posts I have read. I have. I’ve included emails and other web postings in that.   There has been some interesting reading, tips on blogging, on writing, on sales skills and negotating.  This process has lead me to face the facts. I prefer to read other people’s writing, respond to them than actually do the work myself.  So my piece gets written late, in a rush, and no clear topic or point to put across. I’ll add another comitment.   DO MY BLOG FIRST and then spend hours reading others, going off in tangents, and generally having web fun.  Here’s  a web photo to inspire you, taken early morning in the Otways Flyover walk.


One Response to Posting weekly

  1. Amen to that! Write first, read next.It’s so tempting just to launch off into what others have written, isn’t it? And then it can be so witty or clever or insightful that I come back to my potential post and think it seems dull or obvious in comparison. The hazards of blogging 🙂

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