mirror mirror on the wall

February 18, 2011

A wall of mirror,  in two sections, ceiling to floor and wall to wall, is showing dark spots something is not right. It is is a lounge not a bathroom where water could get in.  My daughter decided it had to go and together we pulled off the thick solid wood frame on one side  the other side and top and bottom would not budge.  It is screwed into chipboard.  Damp chip board,  covering a leak , or part of the flood.  The project has stopped here as we collect ideas on mirror mirror off the wall.  They are becoming more refined. Rather than just hit it with a hammer , now it will be covered first with a sheet a thick bedspread on the floor and then lots of newspaper.  Then tape it in sections so the glass can fall in sections. Possibly score it with a glass cutter. The flash of an idea  to ring a glazier for the low down on huge removal of glass panels is winning.  All this to see the state of the wall behind and the effect of the Melbourne deluge.


Weird Weather

February 7, 2011

Two years ago the drought and dryness made Victorian country crispy brown. The warnings, the heat, and then the wind leading into Black Saturday were so extreme and uncontrollable.  This year we have experience the cyclone and as I write Melbourne is under flash flood conditions. Roads closed, power and lights out and the  Elwood Canal broken its banks, drains blocked my storage flooded.  So on the second anniversary of the fires I am sweeping up water and dirt moving wet cupboards clothes and plastic boxes. Then the beds  2 mattresses a bed base  so heavy although only the bottom 6 inches or so were  wet.  Pillows bedding all musty and needing airing.  A 2 hour job which ended up taking five hour with the help of dear friends and not finished.